7 K County 60th St and 288th Ave GS72.jpg

K County Road in Wisconsin

After painting out at Fox Lake Illinois for most of the summer, I so desired a new painting location. I went on a scouting trip driving north into Wisconsin and found a beautiful view of Wisconsin farm country at K County, 60th St & 288th Ave in Brighton. A few weeks later, I drove back out to this location on Saturday October 3rd to work on a new landscape on a 12″ x 24″ panel. This was a 2 day painting which I finished the following day on October 4th 2015.

After finishing this beautiful painting, I still had 5 hours of day light and I was admiring the 2 silos in the wheat field just north of me so I set up failing north to start anther painting but this time I also started a time lapsed video documenting start to finish of my days progress. I painted outside with the radio playing classical music out of the back of my car. At some point I lost track of time only to perk up when I did not hear the music any longer and heard the car make a loud final beep as a final indication that I had drained most of the cars battery. I could not believe that I was so foolish to do that being in the middle of Wisconsin farm country. Luckily this intersection was fairly active so I packed up and tried to start the car with no success. I put on my flashers and was in the middle of trying to find a strong cell reception when a fellow motorist stopped and asked if I needed any help. I told him I needed a jump and he offered to help. He said he had some jumper cables at his home and drove off. He was back in 10 minutes and I was soon ready to be back on the road. This gentleman who was so kind to help me out asked what I was doing out here and I showed him my 2 painting for the day. He loved the first one and enjoyed the silo study too.

Now that form of criticism is what I needed to hear especially for the fact that he said the silo painting was a study. As I drove the 1.5 hour ride back home, I thought about this and decided to return the next day to finish the silo painting.

The next day I back in Wisconsin farm country at K County, 60th St & 288th Ave in Brighton to finish the silo painting. This time I listened to my music out of my iPhone and not car. I had no desire to kill my car battery again. I also set up another Time Lapsed video to document my progress. In this painting I mainly worked on defining the silos some more, refining the sky. I added a few trees and predominantly worked on getting the feel of the color and movement of the wheat field. I used a tool I had purchased that creates texture and aggressively with controlled movement carved, scared and sculpted the oil pastels into the direction that I wanted. I was quite pleased driving home Monday afternoon with a finished silo painting in the back of my car.

8 Silos GS72.jpg


I started this painting on September 28th 2015 returning the following week to finish it. Silos, Wisconsin Farm Country K County,60th St & 288th Ave, Brighton WI, October 5th 2015


I started this painting on September 28th 2015 returning the following week to finish it. 12"x24", Oil Pastels on Panel, October 2015. Original Sold. Numbered prints available